⦁ LTO ⦁

Staking Power

602,395 LTO

$ 130,057

Current delegates


Running days

Validator Adress


Leasing LTO Network

Leasing LTO Network brings stable rewards on your assets.

LTO Network holders can choose a validator that secures the network and produces new blocks.

In return, leasers receive a significant share of the block reward.

It´s a absolutely secure process!

Once lesased, your stake remains “frozen”on your wallet and stays under your full control.

LTO Network can be bought on the following exchange:

I. LTO Network Wallet and Account Setup

Go to


and push the “Create Account“ button.

Press the “Continue“ button.
If you already have an account, you can integrate it with
Import Account“.

Choose a name and password for your account

and confirm it in the third field.

Then click on the button “Continue“.


Write down the displayed 15 words and save them in a safe place!

Then press the button “I’ve written it down”.

Now you press the words in order in which they were previously displayed to you.

After all the terms have been sorted, press the “Confirm” button.

Now your account is created.

At the left top you will find your wallet address.

II. Staking Leasing

Note that if you want to lease/stake, you will need coins in your wallet!
Send the desired amount from the respective Exchange to your wallet.
If you already have coins, you can click on the “Start Lease“ button under Leasing.
Search for Binnostake in the list and click on it.

The first line shows your available coins. At the second line insert the wallet address of Binnostake. 3JbXLTSZoU5os2JsTkMorhvvna6Z2dvhBUC

At line three, insert the amount you want to stack and press

Start Lease“.


Now you will receive your steady and continuous commissions

on a weekly basis


You are part of the Binnostake community!



You must lease a FULL week to get your first reward.

Additionally, Binnostake advises a minimum investment of more than 2500 LTO.


What exactly does LTO-Network do and why did we at BINNOSTAKE choose this coin?

LTO-Network is a Dutch company that anchors data on blockchain. The hybrid blockchain technology from LTO has convinced not only the United Nations (UN) even the Dutch government is working with.

When will I receive my rewards?

LTO pays out your rewards on a weekly basis. When the reward is triggered you will be notified via our telegram group.

Are the rewards directly sent to your wallet?

Yes! When leasing LTO, everything is automated. After we trigger the reward, it’ll show up at your wallet.

Are my rewards taxable?

We cannot answer this question in general. This means different tax regulation in different legislations. You should inform yourself, if your rewards are taxable.