Staking Power

315,920 ORAI

$ 4,745,118

Current delegates


Running days

Validator Adress


Staking ORAI

Staking within the ORAICHAIN network can bring you regular income on your coin holdings. ORAI holders can choose a validator that secures the network and produces new blocks. In return, the staker receive a bonus of the block income. It’s a absolutely secure process, as the coins do not leave anyone’s wallet.

Oraichain is the world’s first Oracle platform powered by artificial intelligence. Oraichain serves as the cornerstone for creating a completely new generation of smart contracts and decentralized applications that leverage AI technologies.

If you want to know more about ORAICHAIN, you can find the necessary information in our Medium article.

ORAI can be bought on the following exchange:

I. ORAICHAIN Wallet Setup

Download the OWallet App from or App Store.

After you have downloaded, installed and launched the App,

click Create a new Wallet (1).


If you are already have a Orai Wallet go to

Import Mnemonic / Private Key

Write down your mnemonic

 and save it in a SAFE place!

Then choose a username (1) and password (2).

You have to confirm this again (3), and then click on Next.

Enter your mnemonic in the correct order (1)

and then click Next (2).

You have successfully created your wallet.

Click Done to start the staking process.

Click Receive to display your wallet address.

Send the desired amount of ORAI to your address

and you will be able to stake it.


When you have received the desired amount of ORAI,

click Invest.

Click Stake now.

Search for BINNOSTAKE in the validator list and click on it.

After you have read the information about our node,

click Stake now again.

Now choose the amount you would like to stake (1).

Set the desired transaction fee (2).

Click Stake (3).

Confirm with Approve to complete the process.



From now on you will receive your steady and continuous commissions


you are now part of the Binnostake community!


Do I control my Orai when staking them?

You are still under full control over your ORAI at every time you delegate your coins to a validator. BINNOSTAKE will never have any control over your ORAI or your private key.

When will I receive my rewards?

The incremental rewards for Genesis and Trusted validators will be sent every 3 to 9 days to their ORAI wallets.

Are the rewards directly sent to your wallet?

Yes, for sure.

Are my rewards taxable?

We cannot answer this question in general. This means different tax regulation in different legislations. You should inform yourself, if your rewards are taxable.