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Staking Power

1,179,818 ODIN

$ 1,605

Current delegates


Running days

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Staking ODIN

Staking within the ODIN network can bring you regular income on your coin holdings. ODIN holders can choose a validator that secures the network and produces new blocks. In return, the staker receive a bonus of the block income. It’s a absolutely secure process, as the coins do not leave anyone’s wallet. 


Staking in the ODIN network is only possible with ODIN Native. Currently you can only buy ODIN BSC on exchanges. Therefore you have to convert them first before you can stake. This process is currently more complex than alternative staking processes which we offer on BINNOSTAKE. 

IMPORTANT: Once you have permanently blocked your ODIN, you will no longer be able to trade it until such time as ODIN Native is listed on exchanges and can be traded again.


In case of any uncertainties or questions, please use the official Telegram channel of Odin: https://t.me/odinprotocol

Preperation for Staking ODIN

ODIN can be bought on the following exchange:

I. CONNECT Keplr with website

Go to https://look.chillvalidation.com

scroll down to ODIN and click on it.

Search for Odin – Staking

on the left and click on it.

Now search vor BINNOSTAKE in the Validator list

and click Delegate.


NOTICE: If the Delegate button is hidden here, just click

on the name BINNOSTAKE.

On the following page you will find the Delegate button.

Click Connect Wallet in the Pop-up window

to link your wallet with the website.

You have successfully created a wallet.

At the current time (December 2021)

there is only the possibility to enter the address in order to stake ODIN.

So please use this variant.

Open the Keplr Extension (1)

Copy your address (2)

Paste them in the line (3)

Click Next (4)

Choose a name (1) for your wallet

and check (2) if ODIN is selected and click Next. (3)

Check if the address is the right one and click Save.

Now your Wallet is connected with the website.


Search again for ODIN – Staking on the left side (1)
and click on Delegate (2) in the Validator list at BINNOSTAKE.


NOTICE: If the Delegate button is hidden here, just click

on the name BINNOSTAKE.

On the following page you will find the Delegate button.

Enter the amount (1) you want to stake.

Mark Keplr (2) and click Send. (3)

In the Keplr Wallet pop-up windowm confirm the incoming connection

to the extension with the Approve button.

Confirm the delegation with Approve again.

The staking process is now complete.

Reload the page to verify tat your ODIN have been delegated to BINNOSTAKE.


From now on you will receive your steady and continuous commissions


you are now part of the Binnostake community!


Do I control my ODIN when staking them?

You are still under full control over your ORAI at every time you delegate your coins to a validator. BINNOSTAKE will never have any control over your ORAI or your private key.

When will I receive my rewards?

The reward is sent directly to your wallet once a validator has validated blocks.

Are the rewards directly sent to your wallet?

Yes, for sure.

Are my rewards taxable?

We cannot answer this question in general. This means different tax regulation in different legislations. You should inform yourself, if your rewards are taxable.